We are sure you already know Dubrovnik and its surroundings because they are known as one of the most desirable destinations for holidays (and the setting for blockbusters). Still, the city itself represents a status symbol. Many Croatian and world entrepreneurs invest in real estate in Dubrovnik because of their high profitability, whether real estate for tourist rent or buying a villa to spend their vacation. In his verses, the famous Dubrovnik writer Ivo Vojnović asked himself, “will eternal paradise be more beautiful than mine?” and many would agree that this dilemma is justified. From world poets and writers to famous faces of the world of film, music, sports, and business, many have visited Dubrovnik. None of them remained indifferent to the charm and energy of this Mediterranean pearl. Many of them decided to buy their second home precisely in Dubrovnik. The main street Stradun and the entire historical core of this city turn in the Summer into the most beautiful stage in the world where alternate laughter, song, energy, and murmur from across the globe. Since 1979, Dubrovnik has been included in the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage, and its numerous museums testify to the rich history and tradition of the ancient Republic of Ragusa. Experienced diplomats, the Dubrovnik aristocracy, used to spread the word about this pearl all over the world. Today, the advocates of this city are millions of tourists who visit it and witness its uniqueness. New development or villa for rent in Dubrovnik are highly sought-after, the same as villas for sale in Dubrovnik. Luckily, Croatia Sotheby’s portfolio disposes of the most exclusive property in Dubrovnik. Explore our real estate offer for sale and rent in Dubrovnik and step into the world of luxury real estate in Croatia.

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