In an era where digitization permeates every aspect of our lives, the integration of cryptocurrencies is changing the way we perceive and conduct financial transactions. In this blog, we introduce the collaboration between Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty and Electrocoin Ltd., a company that has been specializing in cryptocurrency trading mediation and crypto payment processing since 2014.

In Croatia, EUR is clearly defined as the legal means of payment. To comply with this legal provision while still allowing clients to pay with cryptocurrencies, Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty has decided to partner with Electrocoin, a company that, through its PayCek platform, enables automatic and instant conversion in the payment process from cryptocurrency to EUR, thus fulfilling all required legal obligations.

Electrocoin Ltd. leads the integration of cryptocurrencies into real estate transactions. Specializing in cryptocurrency trading mediation and crypto payment processing, Electrocoin operates under the supervision of the Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency (Hanfa). As the first company registered in the Register of Virtual Asset Service Providers in Croatia, Electrocoin has been a pioneer in the crypto world.

With its proprietary cryptocurrency payment processing system, “PayCek,” Electrocoin, in collaboration with Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty, enables buyers to seamlessly purchase properties listed by the agency using cryptocurrencies.

Here’s how the process works:

1. Sales Agreement

The buyer and seller initiate the process by entering into a standard real estate sales agreement.

2. Assignment Agreement

Subsequently, based on the real estate sales agreement, the buyer concludes an Assignment Agreement with Electrocoin and the seller. This agreement lays the foundation for the cryptocurrency transaction.

3. Cryptocurrency Payment Instruction

Using its “PayCek” system, Electrocoin generates a cryptocurrency payment instruction tailored to the specific transaction.

4. Execution of Cryptocurrency Transaction

The buyer executes the cryptocurrency transaction, initiating the transfer of digital assets as payment for the property.

5. Processing of Transaction by Electrocoin

Electrocoin carefully processes the cryptocurrency transaction and transfers the equivalent amount in EUR to the seller’s account.

6. Confirmation and Communication

The buyer receives confirmation of the completed transaction via email. Simultaneously, the buyer informs the seller of the successful transaction.

7. Tabular Statement

Upon confirming full payment, the seller issues a tabular statement, finalizing the real estate transaction.

Integrating cryptocurrencies into real estate transactions marks a new era in the industry. Through this collaboration, Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty offers its services to a new generation of clients, ensuring fast and secure transaction processes. This represents a step forward for the Croatian real estate market.

Since joining the EU, Croatia has been attracting increasing attention from international clients looking for investment opportunities in one of the most emerging regions in the Mediterranean.

Croatia is widely known for its natural beauties, rich cultural and historical heritage, and mild Mediterranean climate, allowing you to enjoy outdoor activities almost all year round.

The most attractive destinations in Croatia offer a wide array of prestigious modern properties in unique locations by the sea and traditional rustic style villas that represent a perfect fusion of authentic stone exterior and attractive interior that combines modern amenities with autochthonous details that won’t leave you indifferent.

Record numbers of visitors and tourist overnights and a stable economic environment of our country are just some of the reasons that provide investors with security and optimism in planning new investments.


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Who can buy real estate in Croatia?

Villa Sealine


Purchase Costs

If you decided to buy luxury real estate in Croatia or indulge in an investment and development project you should know there are some additional costs.
The most of property purchasing expenses are paid by the buyer:

If you want to purchase luxury real estate in Croatia or any other property from a legal entity, please pay attention to whether VAT is already included in the price. The standard VAT rate in Croatia is 25%. We also recommend that you hire an established real estate agency with extensive experience in the real estate market and local expertise, as well as internal legal support.

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Personal Identification Number – OIB

Before the conclusion of the legal matter it is necessary to obtain a personal identification number issued by the Tax Administration:

Without the personal identification number, it is not possible to sign any contract or to establish a company.


Real Estate Taxation

  1. Real Property transfer tax is calculated and paid on acquisition of property in the Republic of Croatia when no VAT is to be paid on such acquisition. The real property transfer tax base is the market value of the real estate at the moment of acquisition. and is calculated at the rate of 3%. Real property transfer tax taxpayer is the acquirer of the real estate – the buyer.
  2.  Value-added tax (VAT) is calculated and paid by the taxpayers who are registered in the VAT payers registry when they deliver, give or in any other way transfer a construction land and a building or parts of the buildings (as well as the land on which they are built) if those buildings and their parts have been inhabited or used for less than 2 years. The VAT for delivering real estate is to be paid at a rate of 25%.
  3. Income tax on assets based on property alienation is calculated and paid:
    a) if the natural person is alienating the real estate within 2 years from the day of its purchase, under the condition that he/she hasn’t used it for residential purposes.
    b) if the natural person sells, exchanges, or does any other taxable ownership transfer on more than 3 properties that are the same type in the period of 5 years since the day of their purchase.

We hope that this blog hides the answers to some of the questions you should have resolved before deciding on buying or selling real estate in Croatia.

For all additional information and advice, our team of experienced real estate agents and legal experts will be happy to provide support with the highest degree of discretion and professionalism.

Buying valuable real estate in Croatia’s prime location, for many, seems like an unattainable dream, but not for long. Banks offer various favorable lending models when buying real estate. Housing loans with favorable conditions and reasonable interest rates are more accessible today than ever, not only to citizens of the Republic of Croatia but also to foreigners within the Eurozone.

Buying real estate for foreign nationals

If there are finances on the road between you and your dream real estate in Croatia and you are not a citizen of the Republic of Croatia, we believe that you will be cheered by the information that this does not constitute an obstacle to obtaining a home loan at Croatian banks.

Recently, this opportunity is also offered to citizens of the Eurozone, i.e., citizens of countries within the European Union that use the euro as their official currency. It’s time to scroll through your favorite luxury real estate portfolio in Croatia as loans are worth between 20 and 350 thousand euros, in kuna equivalent.

The loan is earmarked for the purchase of a home, home, or apartment, as well as a cottage or apartment where you will spend the most beautiful days on the Croatian coast. To keep your pets safe, you can also use your credit to buy a parking space or garage. Let’s not forget the possibility of letting a property for rent, which makes buying a luxury home or apartment a very profitable investment in the long run.

Repayment periods of up to 20 years are for everyone who invests in real estate for business purposes and those who want to provide themselves and their family with luxury accommodations during vacations or a year-round home while also developing a business or investing in some other areas. If necessary, there is the option of delaying the loan’s repayment for up to 12 months.