The year behind us was marked by a global pandemic of unprecedented proportions and consequently with an almost complete halt in all economic activities that ceased abruptly due to restrictive measures, which led to the total collapse of nearly all sectors.

And it is precisely in 2020, an unprecedented year in many ways, that the real estate market experts faced significant challenges. The key to success was in their rapid response and adapting to market conditions and trends that were changing at a relentless pace.

Despite negative statistics and economic indicators that were by no means promising, Sotheby’s International Realty is very proud to announce that our brokers and sales representatives have achieved a record sales result of $150 billion at the global level, marking a continued increase in sales growth year over year.

“Thanks to innovations we pioneered nearly a decade ago, our affiliated companies and agents made the impossible possible. Their adaptability to serve clients safely further extended our position as a leader in luxury real estate,” said Philip White, president and CEO of Sotheby’s International Realty.

Modern Technologies and Trends in Property Viewings

As the luxury real estate sector leader, Sotheby’s International Realty guarantees global marketing reach and high advertising standards for both sellers and end buyers looking for their new home or dream vacation villa and constantly offers innovative tools for its loyal customers. At the peak of the pandemic, clients were unable to travel and view real estate in person, and agents were faced with the daunting task of finding new solutions that could replace traditional ways of real estate viewings.

Facing unenviable circumstances, sales representatives invested much energy to fully exploit all available brand tools to present real estate to prospective buyers in the best possible way through virtual platforms. New technologies and innovative marketing solutions that Sotheby’s International Realty is continuously improving have certainly contributed to these record results. The numbers are supported by more than 43 million views on the brand’s official YouTube channel and more than 6,000 properties on the global website that have video materials or provide the possibility of a virtual tour.

Global Trends in the Local Market

As the leading luxury real estate agency in Croatia and a representative of the brand synonymous with a professional approach and commitment to each client, our team of professionals is constantly working to improve their skills and replicate global trends in the Croatian market. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that clients remained loyal to our brand even in extraordinary circumstances, keeping their expectations high as always. Our real estate experts readily accepted the challenge and provided unconditional support to clients by organizing their arrival in Croatia despite restrictive measures and carrying out virtual tours of properties.

Despite the unfavorable global situation and strict measures that were eagerly implemented in almost all countries, our Croatian office followed the global trend of Sotheby’s International Realty and achieved a record sales result. Comparing global trends with the local market situation, we can conclude that clients worldwide increasingly value privacy and isolation and prefer secluded real estate surrounded by large plots, which allows them to enjoy a peaceful stay far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Regardless of skeptical forecasts, the corona crisis leads us again to the conclusion that foreign investors gladly invest in exclusive real estate in unique locations. Given the limited number of properties in premium locations, our offer of such properties very often does not satisfy the clients’ demands. One can easily deduce that this type of real estate arguably does not undergo large oscillations in the asking price, regardless of the current market challenges.

Global Expansion and Strategic Brand Growth

In 2020 Sotheby’s International Realty continues its constant growth in the global market by opening more than 50 new offices worldwide, further enhancing the brand’s global network currently present in more than 75 countries in nearly 1,000 offices with approximately 24,000 sales associates. In addition to opening new offices in existing markets, the brand has expanded to key international markets, establishing offices in seven new territories.

“I am very proud of our brand and the whole team in Croatia. It is a great success that we followed the world trends in the local market and achieved a record sales result in these difficult times”, concluded Marko Pažanin, managing director of Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty and a global partner.

Have you noticed that it’s almost spring? As much as we like it, we are even more excited about the fact that the beginning of spring means we are each day closer to summer! For a perfect second home, you need a perfect location, and is there a better one than Croatia? Whether you are looking for a house for sale in Croatia or you want to rent a luxury villa for a week or two, now is the perfect time to start your search for the perfect real estate!

Here are a few suggestions

Offering a beautiful view of Opatija and state of the art, modern design, Villa Design is our first „house for sale“ suggestion. Constructed according to the principle of a low-energy home, it is oriented to offer you maximum privacy while being close to one of Croatia’s most prominent tourist destinations.


An equally beautiful sea view awaits you at the Villa Appeal! This villa offers a modern design characterized by clean lines, large glass surfaces, and an open floor plan. All bedrooms are ensuite, offering complete comfort and access to the balcony, where you will enjoy the most memorable mornings.


A whole new level of privacy, peace, and sophistication is a prime quality of the Villa Maritim. This waterfront property is located on the island Vis, a still unexplored, therefore not crowded, jewel of the Adriatic sea. Sandy beaches within walking distance from the villa, a private swimming pool, and a tastefully-designed terrace-outdoor space are the main features of this extraordinary property.


Another beautiful, yet more populated island, is Brač – home to the amazing Villa Violet! All lovers of the crystal clear sea naturally carved bays, and the typical, unique island lifestyle will find all they need in this 445 sqm of living space, located on a 4,100 sqm large plot! Croatia’s luxurious property comes with an even better-designed and discreet garden, offering full privacy to its residents.


Last but not least on our list of houses for sale in Croatia is Villa Ruby! This three-floor real estate, fully faced with the famous Brač stone, is spread over 980 sqm of living space, including the spa area with hammam, Russian sauna, and a small indoor pool. The typical, local features, combined with the luxuries of a modern lifestyle, make for a true masterpiece of pleasant living, whose extraordinary character is timeless.


How to pick just one out of these five amazing properties, and they are just a small part of what we have to offer! Be sure to check out the rest of our houses for sale before making your final decision. We’ll leave you to your thoughts and dreams while you scroll through our portfolio…

Croatia has still not stood out as a true luxury real estate market. Still, despite this, we have noticed a growth in foreign investors’ and buyers’ interest in Croatia’s luxurious properties. The demand for luxury real estate on our market has increased by 30% compared to 2017, and the number of real estate queries in Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty portfolio has increased by 30%. When it comes to top qualities our customers seek in a luxury property, location is ranked pretty high. Everybody wants the same thing – to rent or buy a luxury property on Croatia’s coast!


Rent a luxury property in Croatia for a truly memorable vacation

As a well-known tourist destination, Croatia offers a wide range of accommodation facilities. If renting a luxury villa in Croatia is what you seek, then Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty is your best partner in this search. Not so long ago, we have enriched our portfolio with luxury villas and apartments all over Croatia’s coast available for rent every week. A touch of luxury will make your vacation memories even more memorable, especially if you stay at a property that is just right for you. This is our mission – to pair up our customers with luxury real estate properties that suit them the best!


Make your Croatian, luxury real estate dream into reality.

On the other hand, you might fall in love with Croatia and wish to stay here for more than just a week or two. We’ll be right there to help you find just as perfect and suitable property as the country itself. To buy a luxury real estate property in Croatia, maybe your dream today, or become your dream in the future, but with our help, you will turn it into reality! With our expertise and guidance, the process will be smooth and easy, and at the end of it, you will be holding the keys to your dream Croatian home. To ensure we have the right property for you, we actively spread our portfolio with new luxury properties. New properties and new prices come with each day so make sure you check out our portfolio regularly. You never know when your perfect luxury real estate property in Croatia might appear!