On one side is the beautiful Adriatic Sea, on the other the river Krka with its waterfalls, and in the middle the mesmerizing Šibenik. Its first mention dates back to 1066 and the Croatian king Petar Krešimir IV grants, which is why it is called the royal city. Apart from the royal, Šibenik can also be considered a city of fortresses because it is proud of as many as four: of the continentally located fortresses Barone and Sv. John, across the most beautiful Mediterranean stage and the fortress of St. Michael to the fortress of St. Nicholas, located at the entrance to the Šibenik canal. The latter is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and the Šibenik Cathedral of St. Jacob. In addition to all the virtues already listed, Šibenik is a city with 24 churches, six monasteries, an attractive “Four Wells,” 2851 stone city steps, the most significant number of Baroque organs, and the Medieval monastery garden of St. Lovre – the only one of its kind in Croatia. Impressive, isn’t it? Only a luxury property in the heart of Šibenik with a view of the sea and historical sights can make this beauty even more beautiful. In addition to the city itself, be sure to give the opportunity to its surroundings. In addition to the world-famous Krka National Park, you will be delighted by the many smaller settlements, beautiful beaches, nearby islands, and larger cities such as Split and Zadar will be close enough for day trips. Explore our offer in one of the most desirable locations for buying a second home in Croatia, the perfect business investment in the form of rental real estate or building your dream home. Step into the world of luxury real estate in Croatia and let us help you find the ideal luxury home in Šibenik.

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