When you are located on the most protruding part of the Croatian mainland towards the Adriatic Sea, in return, you get as much as 54 kilometers of coastline! A beautiful view of the Šibenik archipelago awaits you if you visit Rogoznica! The location is the main strategic advantage of this city. Luxury real estate in Rogoznica certainly exists, and it is up to you to decide whether Rogoznica is a new home in Croatia for you, a temporary destination, or an excellent real estate investment opportunity? Rogoznica is considered the point of separation of the North and South Adriatic, and as a proud holder of the title of “safest port on the Adriatic”, it is an excellent starting point for all excursions in the near and far surroundings. The specific position brought her another special feature, the climatological one. You can see for yourself, if you go to Cape Punta Planka in Rogoznica in windy weather, prepare for a direct collision of the bora and the south, winds and sea currents! If you are fed up with the strong wind and the sea, head to the lake! The dragon’s eye will delight you with its flora and fauna, rocks up to 24 meters high, but also numerous legends, most of which include the existence of a dragon in the lake itself. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! When you get tired of sightseeing, it’s time for a glass of top-quality homemade wine, a plate of fresh fish, and a rest! Apart from the highly developed nautical tourism, Rogoznica also boasts a large number of accommodation facilities. Explore our offer in one of the most desirable locations for buying a new home in Croatia, the perfect business investment in the form of rental real estate or building your dream home. Step into the world of luxury real estate in Croatia and let us help you find your second home in Rogoznica.

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