Buying valuable real estate in Croatia’s prime location, for many, seems like an unattainable dream, but not for long. Banks offer various favorable lending models when buying real estate. Housing loans with favorable conditions and reasonable interest rates are more accessible today than ever, not only to citizens of the Republic of Croatia but also to foreigners within the Eurozone.

Buying real estate for foreign nationals

If there are finances on the road between you and your dream real estate in Croatia and you are not a citizen of the Republic of Croatia, we believe that you will be cheered by the information that this does not constitute an obstacle to obtaining a home loan at Croatian banks.

Recently, this opportunity is also offered to citizens of the Eurozone, i.e., citizens of countries within the European Union that use the euro as their official currency. It’s time to scroll through your favorite luxury real estate portfolio in Croatia as loans are worth between 20 and 350 thousand euros, in kuna equivalent.

The loan is earmarked for the purchase of a home, home, or apartment, as well as a cottage or apartment where you will spend the most beautiful days on the Croatian coast. To keep your pets safe, you can also use your credit to buy a parking space or garage. Let’s not forget the possibility of letting a property for rent, which makes buying a luxury home or apartment a very profitable investment in the long run.

Repayment periods of up to 20 years are for everyone who invests in real estate for business purposes and those who want to provide themselves and their family with luxury accommodations during vacations or a year-round home while also developing a business or investing in some other areas. If necessary, there is the option of delaying the loan’s repayment for up to 12 months.