The year behind us was marked by a global pandemic of unprecedented proportions and consequently with an almost complete halt in all economic activities that ceased abruptly due to restrictive measures, which led to the total collapse of nearly all sectors.

And it is precisely in 2020, an unprecedented year in many ways, that the real estate market experts faced significant challenges. The key to success was in their rapid response and adapting to market conditions and trends that were changing at a relentless pace.

Despite negative statistics and economic indicators that were by no means promising, Sotheby’s International Realty is very proud to announce that our brokers and sales representatives have achieved a record sales result of $150 billion at the global level, marking a continued increase in sales growth year over year.

“Thanks to innovations we pioneered nearly a decade ago, our affiliated companies and agents made the impossible possible. Their adaptability to serve clients safely further extended our position as a leader in luxury real estate,” said Philip White, president and CEO of Sotheby’s International Realty.

Modern Technologies and Trends in Property Viewings

As the luxury real estate sector leader, Sotheby’s International Realty guarantees global marketing reach and high advertising standards for both sellers and end buyers looking for their new home or dream vacation villa and constantly offers innovative tools for its loyal customers. At the peak of the pandemic, clients were unable to travel and view real estate in person, and agents were faced with the daunting task of finding new solutions that could replace traditional ways of real estate viewings.

Facing unenviable circumstances, sales representatives invested much energy to fully exploit all available brand tools to present real estate to prospective buyers in the best possible way through virtual platforms. New technologies and innovative marketing solutions that Sotheby’s International Realty is continuously improving have certainly contributed to these record results. The numbers are supported by more than 43 million views on the brand’s official YouTube channel and more than 6,000 properties on the global website that have video materials or provide the possibility of a virtual tour.

Global Trends in the Local Market

As the leading luxury real estate agency in Croatia and a representative of the brand synonymous with a professional approach and commitment to each client, our team of professionals is constantly working to improve their skills and replicate global trends in the Croatian market. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that clients remained loyal to our brand even in extraordinary circumstances, keeping their expectations high as always. Our real estate experts readily accepted the challenge and provided unconditional support to clients by organizing their arrival in Croatia despite restrictive measures and carrying out virtual tours of properties.

Despite the unfavorable global situation and strict measures that were eagerly implemented in almost all countries, our Croatian office followed the global trend of Sotheby’s International Realty and achieved a record sales result. Comparing global trends with the local market situation, we can conclude that clients worldwide increasingly value privacy and isolation and prefer secluded real estate surrounded by large plots, which allows them to enjoy a peaceful stay far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Regardless of skeptical forecasts, the corona crisis leads us again to the conclusion that foreign investors gladly invest in exclusive real estate in unique locations. Given the limited number of properties in premium locations, our offer of such properties very often does not satisfy the clients’ demands. One can easily deduce that this type of real estate arguably does not undergo large oscillations in the asking price, regardless of the current market challenges.

Global Expansion and Strategic Brand Growth

In 2020 Sotheby’s International Realty continues its constant growth in the global market by opening more than 50 new offices worldwide, further enhancing the brand’s global network currently present in more than 75 countries in nearly 1,000 offices with approximately 24,000 sales associates. In addition to opening new offices in existing markets, the brand has expanded to key international markets, establishing offices in seven new territories.

“I am very proud of our brand and the whole team in Croatia. It is a great success that we followed the world trends in the local market and achieved a record sales result in these difficult times”, concluded Marko Pažanin, managing director of Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty and a global partner.

“New Year – New Trends” is a very true saying, especially at the beginning of not only the new year but also the new decade. What will inspire interior designers in 2020? What real estate decisions in Croatia should you make to keep up with the latest trends? Let’s look at current trends in the real estate world!

As for the trends for 2020, they are evident at the beginning of the year. Designers seek less anxiety and stress and more design that matches health, well-being, sustainability, and a sense of calm.

Villa Relax

Combine this basic postulate with Mediterranean culture, and you can already see how this will be a great year (and a decade) for Croatian real estate. Here are our guidelines for making trendy choices when buying a property in Croatia in 2020

Connecting with nature

The introduction of natural elements into our homes is a major trend in 2020. People want to reconnect and find a balance with the environment, even within their homes. These aspirations are mostly represented by trends in the choice of colors (green, blue, and earth tones), materials (natural wood, stone, jute), organic forms, indoor plants, indoor gardens and micro-greens, and even indoor water elements (e.g., mini fountains). ). Be sure to combine these details with warm metals such as gold and brass for that ultimate luxury stamp.

Ambiente Estate

Not to be misled, this does not mean that the indoor greenery will replace the outside. Spacious gardens overlooking the Mediterranean Sea or the forest, remain very popular in 2020.

Villa Thalia

Therefore, when choosing a property in Croatia, think of greenery – indoor and outdoor.

Emphasized multifunctionality

Following our changing and accelerating lifestyles, we want our homes to be multi-functional in 2020. “Home” has ceased to be an exclusive place to live, and has become a place for all kinds of activities, from living to working, exercising, entertaining…

Bellaria EstateSingle-use spaces are slowly becoming dated as our demands for functionality grow year by year. Spaces that were usually located outside our homes, such as a gym or office, are increasingly located inside our homes. Also, spaces that can be easily adapted for various purposes, such as a lounge that can easily be converted into an entertainment space, are in high demand in 2020.


Sustainability is written with a capital “S” in interior design trends in 2020. As global concerns for our planet’s ecological future grow, they are increasingly evident in real estate in Croatia. More and more homes, especially luxury homes in Croatia, come equipped with their own solar panels. Simultaneously, plastics become a major “no-no” when choosing materials to incorporate into the design.

Villa Unica

We want our homes to not only look green but to be truly green: energy efficient and self-sustaining.

Bright colors and striking details

In addition to the balanced, harmonious interior, dominated by natural materials and colors, designers advise adding some striking details. Colorful silks and patterns from India, China, and Japan, handmade wooden furniture, large sculptures, hand-painted tiles, brass lamps, fine woven rugs – these are just some of the ideas you can incorporate into your design. The best part about these details is that they are easily added to any home, so they do not have to be there when buying a property. Imagine these details and where to place them, and then apply your vision to purchased real estate in Croatia.

Bellaria Estate

So, choose a place that suits your needs, surround yourself with a multitude of natural elements, add a few details of your own, and enjoy 2020 in your Croatian dream home!