An incredible view, high-end design, comfort, and luxury – sounds like a perfect home. Yet, there is another element that can take your perfect home dreams to a whole new level. If you combine a great home with an even better service, the whole experience can be truly incredible. With „new generation” villas, you really can have it all!

The concept

New generation properties offer a complete experience and the availability of all the accompanying contents within the resort in which the villa is located. In combination with top-of-the-line design, they provide its owner with complete comfort and relaxation. Besides the luxury home itself, these properties offer lots of other content, such as swimming pools, tended gardens, and parking spaces, including constant maintenance of the property throughout the year.

In this way, whenever you come by your property, it will look and feel as perfect as possible, always well tended and maintained, just as you want and need it to be. This concept is ideal for homeowners who can’t live on their property during the whole year and stop by occasionally. Every time you decide to come to your property, it will look the same as the last time you were there.

On the other hand, even if you plan a permanent move to your „new generation” villa, wouldn’t it be perfect to have all these things taken care of? That way, you can devote yourself only to enjoying yourself at your dream home.

Location, location, location!

Besides great design and excellent service, we all enjoy a nice view, preferably a sea view. This is one reason why properties on islands, especially in Dalmatia, always make the list of top choices for many future homeowners.

Luckily, „new generation” villas can also be found in these locations, and we know all the best places and properties to have a look at. Start making your home dreams true – today!