Croatian architects and the construction styles have a respectable reputation in the European circles, and masterpieces of old Croatian construction still dazzle the entire world. Starting from the 11. century Croatians were remarkable master builders and throughout history created works of art in the architectural and cultural sense.

This tradition of exquisite construction and talent continued until today when Croatia has several renowned architectural studios throughout Europe. One of those representatives is Studio Dva Arhitekta, who designed one of our portfolio gems, villa Novitas on Murter’s island.

We had the pleasure of exchanging a few words with one of the Dva Arhitekta studio founders, Mr. Zoran Zidarić.


    Our experience in designing a luxury vacation home is that there is no particular trend. Every house is a story for itself.

    In principle, it seems to us that Croatian architecture follows the world trends, but our office is dealing with and wants to deal with an architecture that cannot be categorized as a trend.

    Croatian architecture and architects are certainly respectable in European circles in terms of their work and expertize.

    Input data is always the wish of our clients and the specificity of the location, along with our architectural expression, constant research and the desire to move forward.

    Murter’s holiday home is located in the dense tissue of the settlement, on a narrow and long parcel. In order for the client to have the desired privacy, we have placed an extremely deep loggia on the ground floor that combines the daily contents of the kitchen, the living and dining area, and is pool oriented.

Such an open and covered area is inspired by Mediterranean city lofts.

On the other hand, the sleeping area is located in the basement, which is colder and even more protected from the view, the light is obtained over the longitudinal garden.

The client’s love for exotic plants offers inspiration to solve the contact zones with neighbors and create a private world

The elemental form affirms the environment and transforms it into the extension of the space of the house, away from the environment outside the edges of the parcel. Such an approach is also reflected in the choice of materials – floors and walls are in similar textures so that they become a whole.

Villa Novitas has a typical Dalmatian story – from one point of view it is a multi-story house made for the market and from the other, it is a pseudo-traditional luxury villa with a pool.

    We believe that there are many people in Croatia who work hard and try to educate people about the importance of good architecture.

    Filled with possibilities, which we do not use enough 🙂

    Not in the sense that we can specifically say, but each challenge in the work is a further motivation.

    In terms of tourism-related architecture, we are witnessing top achievements. Unfortunately, housing developments are still not happening that much.

    We are pleasantly surprised by the wide offer and quality of real estate, just continue that way!