The luxury real estate market is experiencing a real boom in Croatia as one of the emerging sectors during the ongoing global pandemics. Even after we win the fight against Covid, the real estate market will probably not look the same. For over a year now, circumstances have been unfavorable for mass tourism. Consequently, the demand for carefully selected dream villas has increased and set new travel trends and investment opportunities.

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High-end photos of villas and surroundings – a necessity or a luxury?

Looking at the current situation from a photographic and marketing point of view, nowadays, more than ever before, the overall quality presentation of luxury real estate on websites and social media comes to the fore. When people generally travel far less, more and more buyers and travelers want to find out everything they need to know about the property in one place – whether they are looking to purchase or rent. Therefore, investing in high-end premium photography today is becoming a necessity, not a luxury, as many property owners are prone to think.

Photographs of the real estate are often the first and fundamental way for the client to get acquainted with your offer. Research has shown that clients spend more than 60% of their time reviewing photos of the property they consider interesting and only subsequently studying the accompanying content.

Josip Krnić Photography

Furthermore, the fact that objects must be accompanied by equally high-quality landscape photographs of cities, sights, and natural beauties of the region where the property is located is often understated. When purchasing photographic licenses for the use of landscape photographs, it is important to request that potential copyright elements be removed from the photograph.

Josip Krnić Photography

Aerial, i.e., drone photography, is a great way to show your object and landscape from a different and unusual perspective. In this comprehensive way, you can be sure that your property will be presented to the clients in a modern way which represents a standard in the world of luxury real estate.

Josip Krnić Photography

Professional real estate photos – advantages and current trends

One cannot stress enough the importance of original and exclusive photographs whereby the techniques of photo post-processing and basic marketing knowledge come to the fore and easily set you apart from the competition.

Some of the important benefits of high-end photography, to name just a few, include the following: leaving an impression of professionalism and savoir-faire on prospective clients and depicting the property in a luxurious light, luxury real-estate agencies can market your property more successfully and reach out to clients more efficiently, you are favored by algorithms of social networks and web browsers, boosting your visibility and allowing you to sell the property significantly faster and within higher price range.

Josip Krnić Photography

Photographing real estate only in classic photographic landscape formats is a thing of the past, and it should be adapted to the requirements of modern platforms like Instagram that favor the vertical format of photography.

You cannot afford yourself the luxury of having subpar quality photos of your luxury real estate, least of all in today’s world, which is changing at an incredible pace towards increasing digitalization.


Josip Krnić Photography

Buying valuable real estate in Croatia’s prime location, for many, seems like an unattainable dream, but not for long. Banks offer various favorable lending models when buying real estate. Housing loans with favorable conditions and reasonable interest rates are more accessible today than ever, not only to citizens of the Republic of Croatia but also to foreigners within the Eurozone.

Buying real estate for foreign nationals

If there are finances on the road between you and your dream real estate in Croatia and you are not a citizen of the Republic of Croatia, we believe that you will be cheered by the information that this does not constitute an obstacle to obtaining a home loan at Croatian banks.

Recently, this opportunity is also offered to citizens of the Eurozone, i.e., citizens of countries within the European Union that use the euro as their official currency. It’s time to scroll through your favorite luxury real estate portfolio in Croatia as loans are worth between 20 and 350 thousand euros, in kuna equivalent.

The loan is earmarked for the purchase of a home, home, or apartment, as well as a cottage or apartment where you will spend the most beautiful days on the Croatian coast. To keep your pets safe, you can also use your credit to buy a parking space or garage. Let’s not forget the possibility of letting a property for rent, which makes buying a luxury home or apartment a very profitable investment in the long run.

Repayment periods of up to 20 years are for everyone who invests in real estate for business purposes and those who want to provide themselves and their family with luxury accommodations during vacations or a year-round home while also developing a business or investing in some other areas. If necessary, there is the option of delaying the loan’s repayment for up to 12 months.

The Easter holidays have marked yet another beginning of the tourist season in Croatia. The country of 1244 islands and 1777 km long coastline attracts more than 17 million tourists every year. Crystal clear sea, fresh air, beautiful beaches, and rich history make for a perfect vacation package which anyone would like to experience. To round up these amazing features, all one needs is the right accommodation. As the demand for high-quality accommodation is rising, investment opportunities in tourism are rising as well! We can’t help noticing that this year’s period is just right for making great investment choices. Therefore, we’ve singled out these unique and payable real estate tourism investments in Croatia.

Project Poseidon

Picture this – a 2000 sqm boutique hotel on a 6670 sqm large plot, located in the heart of the city, right on the promenade. Although it may sound like a fantasy, we assure you that this project is very much real.

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Located in one of Croatia’s most popular regions, Kvarner, project Posejdon includes a construction plot with a building plan and a valid construction permit. Besides the projected boutique hotel, it is also possible to build other tourist facilities per the city’s spatial plan. The vicinity of the Rijeka airport and the Kvarner islands’ breathtaking view guarantees a fast return on investment.

Hotel Libero

Brač is home to many great tourist facilities, and we would like to draw your attention to the amazing hotel Libero. Located in Supetar (Brač’s center), this 705 sqm large hotel is very well connected to the mainland.


When discussing Croatia’s most prominent tourist destinations, it is just impossible to skip Brač. Located near Split, the island of Brač is visited by more than 240 thousand tourists every year. Among its other features, you must have heard of the famous Zlatni rat beach and the island’s 778 meters high peak – Vidova gora.

Ensuring complete privacy on the 2000 sqm land surface, this two-floors hotel with six suites and five double-rooms can also be turned into a villa. Among other appealing features, the hotel’s swimming pool, summer kitchen, and fireplace are sure to draw lots of potential guest’s attention. It sure sounds like a great investment opportunity.

Villa Prestige

If a luxurious modern style villa is more to your appeal, brace yourself for this amazing property project. Near the town of Rogoznica, a 334 sqm large villa is just waiting to be constructed on a 720 sqm plot.

tourist investment in croatia

As one of Croatia’s most beautiful and secure seaports, Rogoznica and its surroundings are adored for their sunny weather (2600 sunny hours per year!) and the original Mediterranean appeal, kept in the numerous stone houses and monuments.

Designed to fit into this autochthonous atmosphere, villa Prestige is meant to extend over three floors, with four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a living room with a fireplace, an amazing terrace, and an infinity pool. Combined with the first row to the sea location, all this guarantees an amazing property with a timeless appeal and a great investment return potential.

Lagoon complex

Equally as sunny as the island of Hvar, Pakleni islands are a frequently visited tourist location, thanks to their natural beauty and vicinity to Hvar’s island. It is exactly the natural beauty that makes inlet Palmižana the most prominent part of the Pakleni islands.

tourist investment in croatia

The Lagoon complex is located right in the heart of this cove. This formerly family-owned and run property truly is a luxury dream getaway. On more than 1800 sqm of land, ten objects of a total surface of 1200 sqm were built with different stories and purposes. This unique complex with villas and a well-known restaurant can be transformed and upgraded in different ways. For example, its residential capacities can be merged into a small 5* hotel, an excellent opportunity in a place that longs for luxury accommodation capacities. Don’t miss out on this great investment opportunity!

Magnificent view Hvar

As the name itself clearly states, the Magnificent view complex on the island of Hvar will take your breath away with the amazing view of the Adriatic! In Hvar, located within a 10-minute walking distance from the old town, 7 unique villas are being built.

With over 30 thousand daily visitors (!), the „sunny island, “as it is often called for the yearly average of 2726 sunny hours, has won many foreigners’ hearts. As the number of guests is increasing year after year, the time is right to invest in this island’s tourist capacities!

All Magnificent villas will offer a “smart house” concept. Each villa will have a Smart car and a sea bob at its disposal, which further alludes to the complete alignment of the property itself with the environment in which it is located. This complex will represent the ideal solution for all in search of peace and privacy, yet close to the town facilities.

Has any of these tourism investments in Croatia caught your eye? Be sure to let us know!