In an era where digitization permeates every aspect of our lives, the integration of cryptocurrencies is changing the way we perceive and conduct financial transactions. In this blog, we introduce the collaboration between Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty and Electrocoin Ltd., a company that has been specializing in cryptocurrency trading mediation and crypto payment processing since 2014.

In Croatia, EUR is clearly defined as the legal means of payment. To comply with this legal provision while still allowing clients to pay with cryptocurrencies, Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty has decided to partner with Electrocoin, a company that, through its PayCek platform, enables automatic and instant conversion in the payment process from cryptocurrency to EUR, thus fulfilling all required legal obligations.

Electrocoin Ltd. leads the integration of cryptocurrencies into real estate transactions. Specializing in cryptocurrency trading mediation and crypto payment processing, Electrocoin operates under the supervision of the Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency (Hanfa). As the first company registered in the Register of Virtual Asset Service Providers in Croatia, Electrocoin has been a pioneer in the crypto world.

With its proprietary cryptocurrency payment processing system, “PayCek,” Electrocoin, in collaboration with Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty, enables buyers to seamlessly purchase properties listed by the agency using cryptocurrencies.

Here’s how the process works:

1. Sales Agreement

The buyer and seller initiate the process by entering into a standard real estate sales agreement.

2. Assignment Agreement

Subsequently, based on the real estate sales agreement, the buyer concludes an Assignment Agreement with Electrocoin and the seller. This agreement lays the foundation for the cryptocurrency transaction.

3. Cryptocurrency Payment Instruction

Using its “PayCek” system, Electrocoin generates a cryptocurrency payment instruction tailored to the specific transaction.

4. Execution of Cryptocurrency Transaction

The buyer executes the cryptocurrency transaction, initiating the transfer of digital assets as payment for the property.

5. Processing of Transaction by Electrocoin

Electrocoin carefully processes the cryptocurrency transaction and transfers the equivalent amount in EUR to the seller’s account.

6. Confirmation and Communication

The buyer receives confirmation of the completed transaction via email. Simultaneously, the buyer informs the seller of the successful transaction.

7. Tabular Statement

Upon confirming full payment, the seller issues a tabular statement, finalizing the real estate transaction.

Integrating cryptocurrencies into real estate transactions marks a new era in the industry. Through this collaboration, Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty offers its services to a new generation of clients, ensuring fast and secure transaction processes. This represents a step forward for the Croatian real estate market.

The changes caused by the current pandemic of the new coronavirus have not only affected our daily lives. The effects have been felt by numerous markets and economies, including the real estate market in Croatia and the world.
Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty Director Marko Pažanin takes a look at the current state of the luxury real estate market in Croatia, as well as expectations of real estate sales in the near future.

These days I have had some really interesting conversations with my colleagues about selling luxury villas by the sea. For a large number of investors, the main motive for the construction of such facilities was the tourist rental, and only then the sale.

The popularity of the Croatian coast, both among foreign and domestic guests, has enabled a real boom in tourism in Croatia, which records year after year records in the number of visitors, and thus the amount of revenue generated. The rise in average prices of tourist rent on the Adriatic and the development of cultural, entertainment and sports offerings have brought excellent income to owners of luxury properties during the season and even beyond!

We could also feel the impact of tourist growth on the purchase and sale of luxury real estate.
So far, we have frequently encountered a price formed by sellers that could not be accepted by potential buyers as being realistic. Therefore, the sale of these properties often failed to take place. The owners, more than satisfied with the income they earned through the tourist lease, were not ready to lower the sale price of their villas and apartments.

Luxury real estate in unique locations is a safe investment for foreign investors

This year, we expect much lower tourist rental revenue in the season than in previous years, which will have an effect on adjusting the sales prices set by property owners.
I may be wrong and that may not be the case, but it is certainly the most likely scenario given the logic of business, supply, and demand.

In this uncertain situation, there is another scenario involving the most important rule when investing in real estate, which is “Location, location, location!”. This scenario benefits all owners of properties in unique and exclusive locations.
If you have high-end real estate in a unique location it will not be compromised in a market context.
The drop in prices will be felt the least in the top locations, of course, if the starting price was based on the estimation of a specialist who had the experience to sell this type of real estate.

Foreign buyers are still interested in ultra-luxury real estate

In contact with the clients for whom I seek so-called “trophy real estate”, almost everyone has confirmed their interest in them, even in these conditions. This is a great indicator that investments in luxury real estate will not stop, and that exceptional real estate will always have its buyers, which will not hinder global change.

World-class luxury exists in Croatia, but in limited quantities. Personally, I can hardly wait to have real estate on offer again, such as the famous Villa Castello, as buyers of such properties are ready to make a purchase regardless of the new situation, in which unfortunately the fall in prices for most properties is unavoidable.