In an era where digitization permeates every aspect of our lives, the integration of cryptocurrencies is changing the way we perceive and conduct financial transactions. In this blog, we introduce the collaboration between Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty and Electrocoin Ltd., a company that has been specializing in cryptocurrency trading mediation and crypto payment processing since 2014.

In Croatia, EUR is clearly defined as the legal means of payment. To comply with this legal provision while still allowing clients to pay with cryptocurrencies, Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty has decided to partner with Electrocoin, a company that, through its PayCek platform, enables automatic and instant conversion in the payment process from cryptocurrency to EUR, thus fulfilling all required legal obligations.

Electrocoin Ltd. leads the integration of cryptocurrencies into real estate transactions. Specializing in cryptocurrency trading mediation and crypto payment processing, Electrocoin operates under the supervision of the Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency (Hanfa). As the first company registered in the Register of Virtual Asset Service Providers in Croatia, Electrocoin has been a pioneer in the crypto world.

With its proprietary cryptocurrency payment processing system, “PayCek,” Electrocoin, in collaboration with Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty, enables buyers to seamlessly purchase properties listed by the agency using cryptocurrencies.

Here’s how the process works:

1. Sales Agreement

The buyer and seller initiate the process by entering into a standard real estate sales agreement.

2. Assignment Agreement

Subsequently, based on the real estate sales agreement, the buyer concludes an Assignment Agreement with Electrocoin and the seller. This agreement lays the foundation for the cryptocurrency transaction.

3. Cryptocurrency Payment Instruction

Using its “PayCek” system, Electrocoin generates a cryptocurrency payment instruction tailored to the specific transaction.

4. Execution of Cryptocurrency Transaction

The buyer executes the cryptocurrency transaction, initiating the transfer of digital assets as payment for the property.

5. Processing of Transaction by Electrocoin

Electrocoin carefully processes the cryptocurrency transaction and transfers the equivalent amount in EUR to the seller’s account.

6. Confirmation and Communication

The buyer receives confirmation of the completed transaction via email. Simultaneously, the buyer informs the seller of the successful transaction.

7. Tabular Statement

Upon confirming full payment, the seller issues a tabular statement, finalizing the real estate transaction.

Integrating cryptocurrencies into real estate transactions marks a new era in the industry. Through this collaboration, Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty offers its services to a new generation of clients, ensuring fast and secure transaction processes. This represents a step forward for the Croatian real estate market.

Navigating the real estate investment or sales process is like exploring a labyrinth filled with potential opportunities, challenges, and possibilities. This is why collaborating with a renowned agency, Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty, can transform the entire experience, making the process more efficient and enjoyable.


1. Expert Knowledge and Price Insights

One advantage of partnering with a real estate agency lies in gaining access to expert knowledge and price insights. Our professionals can help clients distinguish good from excellent investment opportunities in this dynamic environment, thanks to their extensive knowledge and experience in the real estate market.


2. Time and Energy Savings

The real estate transaction world is filled with numerous tasks that require a significant amount of time and attention, from thorough property advertising to organizing viewings and conducting negotiations. Entrusting these responsibilities to experienced professionals allows investors to focus on making timely decisions, staying informed about market trends, and effectively managing their investment portfolios.


3. Destination Knowledge and Property Scouting

Experts in this field have excellent knowledge of destinations, future development opportunities, and local amenities. For those seeking exclusivity, Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty offers specialized “property scouting” services for VIP clients, providing access to hidden gems in the real estate market before they are officially listed. Being among the first to learn about potential opportunities before they hit the broader market is a valuable advantage that can significantly impact finding sought-after properties.


4. Transaction Security

The security of transactions is the undisputed priority of a reliable real estate agency such as Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty. Security and ease of the buying or selling process are key, giving a sense of trust to both buyers and sellers.

Whether it’s ensuring legal compliance, verifying ownership documents, or managing complex financial transactions, the thorough protocols of a professional agency contribute to a sense of trust and peace of mind. With us, your safety is not only a priority but also the foundation of our business.


5. Negotiation Skills

Real estate negotiation is an art, and experienced real estate agents have perfected this skill through years of work.

When it comes to securing the best terms for our clients, our professionals guide them through the negotiation process. Their ability to understand market dynamics, assess real estate values and represent clients’ interests positions them as invaluable allies in achieving optimal results. Negotiation skills can result in significant savings or improved return on investment.


6. Guidance and Support

In addition to transactional aspects, Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty provides support during the entire buying and selling process.

By providing constant support and guidance, we ensure clients are constantly informed and reliable at every step. From the initial real estate search to the closing of the purchase deal, the presence of a dedicated team of experts ensures a pleasant experience for the investor.

Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty is a trusted advisor, offering insights, answering questions, and providing support during what can be an emotionally challenging process.


7. Worry-Free Purchase or Investment

In the quest for the perfect home or investment opportunity, one of the key features to consider is proper property documentation.

Our agency proudly stands out as a reliable partner because all our properties go through a thorough check of all documentation, providing you with complete security at every step.

Every property we present reflects our commitment to quality, making us a reliable partner in achieving your goals.


In conclusion, the advantages of engaging a real estate agency are truly countless. It enables the saving of precious time and energy, ensures transaction security, and provides clients with continuous support. Strategic positioning in the real estate world enhances the overall experience for investors, making the decision to collaborate a pleasant one. Whether for seasoned investors or individuals entering the world of real estate transactions for the first time, the assistance of a professional agency is invaluable. It acts as a compass, guiding clients through the intricacies of the market, offering protection, and unlocking opportunities that might otherwise remain hidden. In the real estate world, where decisions can have profound financial and life impacts, a partnership with an agency becomes an investment in itself—an investment that pays off in terms of knowledge, expertise, and ultimate success.

If you are interested in investing in luxury real estate, you should not overlook Croatia. This beautiful Mediterranean country has a lot to offer. In this blog, we will outline ten reasons Croatia is ideal for investing in luxury real estate.

1. Coastline

Croatia’s Adriatic coastline is one of the most stunning in the world. Crystal-clear sea, picturesque coves, and over a thousand islands attract millions of tourists yearly. This Mediterranean gem offers unique properties along the coast, ideal for clients seeking prestige. Moreover, luxury villas, apartments, and houses with pools, private access to the sea, and other amenities provide the highest level of comfort and enjoyment of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

2. Heritage

Croatia is known for its rich cultural and historical heritage, with many UNESCO-protected landmarks. Cities like Dubrovnik, Split, Šibenik, and Zadar have impressive histories, with countless historical buildings, museums, galleries, and cultural assets. Properties located in historic city centers or near cultural attractions are attractive to investors due to the high potential for investment in elite tourism.

3. Nature

Croatia is famous for its diverse nature, with beautiful beaches, mountains, lakes, and national parks, making outdoor activities such as hiking, rafting, cycling, and sailing popular year-round. Properties in stunning natural surroundings attract investors looking for a luxury lifestyle connected with nature.

4. Safety

Croatia has stable legislation that provides a favorable environment for real estate investment. As a member of the European Union and the Schengen Area, it is aligned with European legislation, providing security to investors. Buying properties in Croatia is relatively simple and transparent, with clear laws that protect the interests of property owners. Additionally, the tax system is competitive, with reasonable tax rates.

Croatia is a politically stable country that provides security to investors. Its economy benefits from the growing number of tourists and investments in various sectors. It is expected that tourism and the economy will continue to develop, with a positive impact on the real estate market. Croatia has also been declared one of the safest European countries due to its low crime rate and modern border protection.

5. Nautical paradise

One of the most indented coastlines in the world, with over a thousand islands and a mild Mediterranean climate, provides an unforgettable experience for sailors who have ranked Croatia among the world’s leading destinations in recent years. Many modern marinas, scattered throughout the Adriatic, are easily accessible to owners of luxury properties who prefer privacy and the romance of sailing over the hustle of city centers.

6. Prices

Croatia is an appealing choice for investors searching for value in their luxury real estate investments because remarkable properties are more reasonably priced than in other Mediterranean luxury locations.

7. Tourism

Croatia is a renowned tourist destination experiencing steady growth in tourism numbers. With its stunning coastline, rich cultural heritage, and diverse natural beauty, Croatia attracts millions of tourists annually, creating a strong demand for luxury accommodations. This is an opportunity for investors looking to capitalize on the thriving tourism industry by investing in luxury real estate properties.

8. Accessibility

Croatia is well-connected to major international cities with its modern airports and excellent infrastructure. Many airlines operate regular flights to Croatia, making it easily accessible for international travelers. This accessibility makes it convenient for luxury real estate investors to visit and manage their properties in Croatia.

9. Gastronomy

Croatia’s gastronomic offering is rich, diverse, and based on local ingredients and tradition. It is rooted in Mediterranean cuisine, a global standard for healthy living for centuries. The influence of various international cuisines also enriches the restaurant scene, with many receiving international recognition, and ten of them awarded the prestigious Michelin star.

10. Investments

Croatia actively promotes real estate investments through incentives and facilitation to attract foreign investors. Efforts have been made to simplify administrative procedures and expedite the property purchasing process, including reducing bureaucracy, digitalization, and improving legal security for investors.


All of the above makes Croatia a perfect destination for investment. Whether you are looking for your luxurious villa by the sea, an investment in the tourism sector, or a luxury apartment in the historic UNESCO cities, Croatia has it all.

With in-depth knowledge of the local market, Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty can discreetly assist you in finding the perfect property or investment that fits your needs and goals.

Building a luxury villa is a challenging process during which the support of experts is necessary to achieve the goal effectively. In this blog, we will take you through the basic five steps needed to realize your vision and describe how Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty can facilitate every step, from idea to realization.

Step 1: Vision

Before starting construction, it’s important to have a clear idea of ​​what you want to achieve, considering your wishes, expectations, and lifestyle. Our team of experts enriches ideas, puts the concept into a realistic and feasible framework, and informs you about the means and time required for implementation.

Step 2: Location

The location of the building land is one of the most important decisions at the beginning. It strongly affects the value of the property, and the life quality of those who will stay there.It’s also important to consider the privacy aspect, the land’s orientation, and the accessibility of the facilities. It’s essential that you collaborate with a trustworthy partner to find the ideal location for your investment, ensure that all of your needs are satisfied at a reasonable price, and discover the market possibilities relevant to your vision.

Step 3: Design

Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty cooperates with renowned architects and interior designers who, taking into account the details of your vision, create architectural projects and an idea of ​​the interior appearance to know the cost parameters and the possible sale price before construction. What sets us apart from the competition is the implementation of world design trends when creating the book of standards so that you can assess the details as clearly as possible and make the necessary decisions more simply. Obtaining a building permit is the crown of quality project preparation, after which construction begins.

Step 4: Construction

During construction, the support of everyone initially involved in the project is crucial. During construction, Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty can also offer you the possibility of “pre-sale”, that is, sell your property while still under construction. The fact that we were involved in the project from the beginning allows us to guarantee the quality of planning and execution to the client, in cooperation with the investor.

Step 5: Sale

If you decide to sell, the best moment is immediately after the completion of construction, when the property is finalized and equipped, because the luxury that our prestigious clients prefer can only be experienced in its full glory when all the requirements of the initial vision have been met.

The end of the construction cycle brings satisfaction to everyone involved in the process because the investor’s expectations have been fulfilled, the buyer’s dream has come true, and we are overjoyed because we’ve fully justified the demands of our clients.

In recent years all the axioms on which the investing was founded were brought to question. Equities, bonds, funds, insurance, cryptocurrencies, commodities, real estate are fields where investment logic today is changing. In any asset class, Yields, which was considered even a little bit safer for EUR denominated capital, seemed to be fruitless. The culprit this time was the central banks flooding the markets with liquidity policy.

At this moment, real estate buying is a sure bet in Croatia if you buy a good location for a fair price with the potential of growth. Still, from an investment advisor’s point of view, you can own only a certain number of real estates in total, and the prices have also gone north following market optimism based on wings of cheap financing and growing tourism trends. Here is important to mention system country risk, diversification of the portfolio, liquidity,, criteria for investment decision in any asset.

Relentless buying by European Central Bank caused, let’s say, 3% yields for conservative investors to be just wishful thinking and relict from the past while just getting back a few dozen promises on your investment is a cruel reality.

So forget about the nice yield from German bonds or interest rates on deposits. For any return, you have to dip in the high yield area.

Jumping on the train with equities was always a risky ride all along; although nice profits could be made and some tailwinds for the companies were present, everyone was asking what will happen when the music stops? And even though nobody knows when it will be, with bull run making a new record every day, it is not easy to believe all blue skies ahead in the coming months.


Private Banking Club by Splitska Banka

So, obviously, finding some interesting risk-reward ratio is hard to find these days. The private banking Team in Splitska Banka work on finding niches and least risky high yielding products. Structured products have proven to be an appropriate solution in the past few years and the most popular European investments.

What made them attractive were Interesting bonuses ranging from 4 for total conservative products up to 20% for more risky products and capital protection ranging from total to conditional, protecting up to 50% of decrease of underlying. And better yet, tailor-made solutions can be applied whether you prefer indices or some companies like Daimler, Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, or any available equity on the market while risking only as much as you decide to and on the indices or stocks you prefer. The markets are volatile, and the bull market is definitely aging, and messing with it is not a child’s play.
Private Banking in Splitska Banka got the experience to prove it, over 100 different products from 2014 onwards, making results satisfied the most demanding clients. Being a member of the Private Banking club in Splitska Banka means to have a reliable partner to take care of your assets.