In recent years all the axioms on which the investing was founded were brought to question. Equities, bonds, funds, insurance, cryptocurrencies, commodities, real estate are fields where investment logic today is changing. In any asset class, Yields, which was considered even a little bit safer for EUR denominated capital, seemed to be fruitless. The culprit this time was the central banks flooding the markets with liquidity policy.

At this moment, real estate buying is a sure bet in Croatia if you buy a good location for a fair price with the potential of growth. Still, from an investment advisor’s point of view, you can own only a certain number of real estates in total, and the prices have also gone north following market optimism based on wings of cheap financing and growing tourism trends. Here is important to mention system country risk, diversification of the portfolio, liquidity,, criteria for investment decision in any asset.

Relentless buying by European Central Bank caused, let’s say, 3% yields for conservative investors to be just wishful thinking and relict from the past while just getting back a few dozen promises on your investment is a cruel reality.

So forget about the nice yield from German bonds or interest rates on deposits. For any return, you have to dip in the high yield area.

Jumping on the train with equities was always a risky ride all along; although nice profits could be made and some tailwinds for the companies were present, everyone was asking what will happen when the music stops? And even though nobody knows when it will be, with bull run making a new record every day, it is not easy to believe all blue skies ahead in the coming months.


Private Banking Club by Splitska Banka

So, obviously, finding some interesting risk-reward ratio is hard to find these days. The private banking Team in Splitska Banka work on finding niches and least risky high yielding products. Structured products have proven to be an appropriate solution in the past few years and the most popular European investments.

What made them attractive were Interesting bonuses ranging from 4 for total conservative products up to 20% for more risky products and capital protection ranging from total to conditional, protecting up to 50% of decrease of underlying. And better yet, tailor-made solutions can be applied whether you prefer indices or some companies like Daimler, Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, or any available equity on the market while risking only as much as you decide to and on the indices or stocks you prefer. The markets are volatile, and the bull market is definitely aging, and messing with it is not a child’s play.
Private Banking in Splitska Banka got the experience to prove it, over 100 different products from 2014 onwards, making results satisfied the most demanding clients. Being a member of the Private Banking club in Splitska Banka means to have a reliable partner to take care of your assets.