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Lush greenery, open spaces, blue sky, amazing design, and lots of privacy – is there anyone who would not want this? Estate living offers it all and even more! Estate living in Croatia comes with numerous advantages, making this form of living very hard to resist. Great square footage on exclusive locations in Croatia enables you to live your days to the fullest, with an endless choice of hobbies you can dedicate yourself to, right there in the privacy of your own estate. Spoil yourself with comfort and luxury, as nobleman used to!

Estate living in Croatia

Set in an unspoiled natural environment in the small picturesque town of Klek, the 30.100 square meter Bellaria estate represents a true oasis of comfort with scenic sea and island view. Its top of the notch modern apartment is beautifully combined with a stunning, cascading vineyard.

Unique pebble beaches are just around the corner. Autochthonous plant species are present throughout the estate, perfectly framing the estate’s pool and barbeque area.

Located only an hour’s drive away from Dubrovnik, this estate offers the city’s proximity and all its perks, yet always enabling you to come back to enjoy the peace of your estate.

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Those looking for more rustic real estate in Croatia will surely like the Ambient estate. Extending over 8.500 square meters, this gorgeous estate borders the UNESCO-protected Stari Grad Plain. Located between Stari grad and Vrbovska on Hvar’s sunny island, it offers utmost privacy and a unique Mediterranean ambiance you cannot resist.

The location also offers great proximity to the beach, while the closest town center is only two kilometers away! The total of four homes on this estate, a 28 – square meter heated swimming pool with a sunbathing area, a summer kitchen, and lots of other additional amenities make for a unique private oasis.

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Yet, when it comes to privacy, there is an extraordinary place that must be mentioned. Right in the heart of the island of Vis, the Topiaria estate has found its place under the golden Mediterranean sun.

This 31.088 square meter estate boasts a spectacular view of the sea and the sunset. The estate is cultivated with a grapevine of high quality and 200 olive trees, surrounding the amazing stone villa with a swimming pool. Additionally, a smaller stone house and a wine cellar are also a part of this amazing estate in Croatia.


Going up north, Istria has a Jewell of its own. Surrounded by the picturesque countryside, the Fantasia estate is a true paradise for the romantic Istrian landscape’s nature lovers and admirers. Forty kilometers away from any larger city, Croatia’s estate offers full privacy and comfort to its residents.

Two main buildings and several additional smaller objects can be found on this estate, complemented by high-quality equipment, a heated swimming pool, and 700 types of trees brought from different parts, lavender fields, and a tennis court.

Last but certainly not least, feast your eyes on the Aroma estate. Located in the Istrian peninsula’s interior, this energy class “A” property consists of 10 hectares of owned land and more land in the concession. The farm is cultivated with plantations of gardens, vineyards (2,400 tbsp), olives, orchards, figs, plantations of medicinal herbs, and aromatic plants.

The estate possesses excellent infrastructure, a 5.000 m2 plateau planted with a young xeranthemum, and an amphitheater in three cascades. The amphitheater is engraved in the rocky hill’s natural stone and is enclosed in the form of hexagonal horseshoes in three buildings – an area of 1,000 m2.

When in the mood for visiting the city, only a 12 km drive will lead you to the charming town of Rovinj. The rest of the time, you can use it to enjoy the privacy and comfort of your own natural oasis.

Whether you already own a property in Croatia or you are just about to buy one, the idea of leasing your property to tourists may have crossed your mind. Tourism is prevalent and developed in Croatia, so offering real estate lease to guests can be a very payable business. Please keep reading to find out more about the business’s basic rules for foreigners, written by our tax advisor Ivica Baban.

Real estate lease in Croatia

Foreign natural persons who are owners of real estate in the Republic of Croatia may provide tourist accommodation services.
What steps and tax obligations are required to provide a tourist accommodation service depends primarily on whether foreign natural persons who own real estate in the Republic of Croatia come from:
1. Member States of the European Union, the European Economic Area (Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein) or the Swiss Confederation
2. Other countries.

In this blog, we will address the situation where tourist accommodation is provided by foreigners coming from Member States of the European Union, the European Economic Area (Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein) or the Swiss Confederation.

Leasing properties in Croatia – Step by step guide

They may provide tourist accommodation services in the Republic of Croatia as natural persons without registering a craft or a company. The initial step is to obtain a work permit from the competent rental authority. In this way, foreigners are considered to be renters providing tourist accommodation service and natural persons resident in the Republic of Croatia. It is also necessary to be entered into the register of taxpayers in the Republic of Croatia on the prescribed form.

Tax obligations arising from the provision of tourist accommodation service can be divided into two groups:
a) As natural persons, renters are subject to income tax on the provision of tourist accommodation services, which they can pay:

1. In a lump sum by their own decision, if the receipts from the provision of tourist accommodation services do not exceed the amount of HRK 300,000.00 annually
2. If their receipts from the provision of tourist accommodation services exceed the amount of HRK 300,000.00 annually, they are obliged to keep business books and pay income tax based on the prescribed rates (currently, the income tax rates are 24% and 36%).

b) Renters are subject to VAT if they provide tourist accommodation directly to the guest and as renters are obliged to issue an invoice in which they will calculate VAT of 13%, which they are obliged to report as VAT payers in the Republic of Croatia on the prescribed form (20th day of the current month for the previous month) and pay within the legal deadline (the last day of the current month for the previous month).

If, as renters, they provide tourist accommodation service through a tourist agency, they are not obliged to become VAT payers in the Republic of Croatia, nor do they calculate VAT on the invoices they issue to the tourist agency. It is important to point out that in this case, the tourist agency issues an invoice to the guest on its own behalf, while the foreign owner of the property in which the tourist accommodation service is provided issues an invoice to the tourist agency without VAT.

If the agency would only work as an intermediary and issue an invoice for the intermediary to the foreigner, then the renter would be obliged to register as a VAT payer in the Republic of Croatia and to the invoices, it issues to the guest directly (and for which the tourist agency mediated ) to calculate VAT of 13%.

The registration itself as a VAT payer in the Republic of Croatia is done on the prescribed forms before providing real estate lease services.

When buying a property, often the foremost is the aesthetics or location of the property itself. However, the purchase of real estate is a legal process, so we must not neglect the legal side. What should you do, and how or when should you do it to make your purchase neat and easy as possible? All of this shall be explained through a series of blogs by our tax advisor Ivica Baban.

Foreign citizens who buy real estate in the Republic of Croatia are generally divided into two groups, depending on where they come from. Citizens living within the European Union make one group, while those living outside the EU make the other.

Why is this important?

While foreigners from the European Union may purchase real estate in the Republic of Croatia under the same conditions as nationals of the Republic of Croatia, those living outside the EU must obtain consent for the purchase of a real estate in the Republic of Croatia from the Ministry of Justice of the Republic in the administrative procedure. Without this consent, the new owner could not registrar his ownership of the land he purchased.

The only exception from this rule are agricultural land, for they are subject to a moratorium on their purchase by foreign nationals from the EU until June 2020.

There is an additional requirement concerning non-EU citizens. Only citizens coming from countries with which Croatia has reciprocity in acquiring the ownership rights of their nationals may go to administrative proceedings and seek the Ministry of Justice’s consent.

Consequently, other non-EU nationals coming from countries with which the Republic of Croatia does not have the principle of reciprocity in acquiring ownership of their citizens’ real estate may not, as natural persons, purchase real estate in Croatia.

Yet, there is another option for them. They may decide to set up a company (most often, it is a limited liability company or abbreviated d.o.o.) in Croatia. As owners of companies with headquarters in the Republic of Croatia, they may acquire ownership of the real estate.

It is necessary to know that the owner of the purchased property is then the company, not the owner of the company himself.

Don’t forget the taxes.

When buying a property in Croatia, in addition to the purchase costs, the buyer may be obliged to pay a real estate tax (PPN). The height of this tax can be defined in two ways. It is either 3% of the property’s purchase price or 3% of the estimated property value by the Croatian Tax Administration.

This will occur when the seller does not calculate value-added tax (VAT) for the property sold, as evidenced by the seller’s purchase contract or invoice issued.

Notaries are obliged to submit a copy of the purchase contract to the Republic of Croatia’s Tax Administration, which will send a decision on the obligation to pay real estate taxes.

In case that a notary does not certify the real estate transfer documents, the buyer is obliged to declare the obligation to pay real estate sales tax in Croatia within 30 days for those real estates that have not been subject to value-added tax on the sale.

Taxes apply to all – a foreign citizen from outside the EU who requires the Ministry of justice’s consent becomes taxable at the moment of obtaining that consent.

An incredible view, high-end design, comfort, and luxury – sounds like a perfect home. Yet, there is another element that can take your perfect home dreams to a whole new level. If you combine a great home with an even better service, the whole experience can be truly incredible. With „new generation” villas, you really can have it all!

The concept

New generation properties offer a complete experience and the availability of all the accompanying contents within the resort in which the villa is located. In combination with top-of-the-line design, they provide its owner with complete comfort and relaxation. Besides the luxury home itself, these properties offer lots of other content, such as swimming pools, tended gardens, and parking spaces, including constant maintenance of the property throughout the year.

In this way, whenever you come by your property, it will look and feel as perfect as possible, always well tended and maintained, just as you want and need it to be. This concept is ideal for homeowners who can’t live on their property during the whole year and stop by occasionally. Every time you decide to come to your property, it will look the same as the last time you were there.

On the other hand, even if you plan a permanent move to your „new generation” villa, wouldn’t it be perfect to have all these things taken care of? That way, you can devote yourself only to enjoying yourself at your dream home.

Location, location, location!

Besides great design and excellent service, we all enjoy a nice view, preferably a sea view. This is one reason why properties on islands, especially in Dalmatia, always make the list of top choices for many future homeowners.

Luckily, „new generation” villas can also be found in these locations, and we know all the best places and properties to have a look at. Start making your home dreams true – today!

Croatia has still not stood out as a true luxury real estate market. Still, despite this, we have noticed a growth in foreign investors’ and buyers’ interest in Croatia’s luxurious properties. The demand for luxury real estate on our market has increased by 30% compared to 2017, and the number of real estate queries in Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty portfolio has increased by 30%. When it comes to top qualities our customers seek in a luxury property, location is ranked pretty high. Everybody wants the same thing – to rent or buy a luxury property on Croatia’s coast!


Rent a luxury property in Croatia for a truly memorable vacation

As a well-known tourist destination, Croatia offers a wide range of accommodation facilities. If renting a luxury villa in Croatia is what you seek, then Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty is your best partner in this search. Not so long ago, we have enriched our portfolio with luxury villas and apartments all over Croatia’s coast available for rent every week. A touch of luxury will make your vacation memories even more memorable, especially if you stay at a property that is just right for you. This is our mission – to pair up our customers with luxury real estate properties that suit them the best!


Make your Croatian, luxury real estate dream into reality.

On the other hand, you might fall in love with Croatia and wish to stay here for more than just a week or two. We’ll be right there to help you find just as perfect and suitable property as the country itself. To buy a luxury real estate property in Croatia, maybe your dream today, or become your dream in the future, but with our help, you will turn it into reality! With our expertise and guidance, the process will be smooth and easy, and at the end of it, you will be holding the keys to your dream Croatian home. To ensure we have the right property for you, we actively spread our portfolio with new luxury properties. New properties and new prices come with each day so make sure you check out our portfolio regularly. You never know when your perfect luxury real estate property in Croatia might appear!

Imagine spending your vacation at Croatia’s beautiful coastline or in its heartland, in a property as beautiful and special as the country itself. The only thing separating you from this unforgettable experience is your decision to book one of the luxury properties available for rent from our portfolio!


Why choose average when you can have luxury?

Quite often, the one thing making a difference between an „ok“ vacation and a great one is the accommodation you choose to stay in. Even if you spend your days wandering around, exploring the surroundings, and only need a place to shower and sleep, you still want this shower and bed to be of great quality, comfortable, and eye appealing. And, possibly, with a lovely view to wake up to every morning of your stay.

Luxury is so much more than a price range, though we are quite often keen to define it in this way. Luxury is a perfect fit for your needs and desires, complete satisfaction with an experience, such as choosing luxury accommodation for your vacation in Croatia.


Our portfolio of properties for rent in Croatia

Therefore, we have decided to help our lovely customers feel true luxury while staying at one of our properties available for rent every week. By paying close attention to your wishes and needs, we guide you through the process of finding the perfect property for rent in Croatia and negotiating the terms of rent with the property owner.

It’s never too early to start thinking about your next vacation. Start today by taking a look at our portfolio of luxury properties for rent in Croatia and asking yourself this question: „Which of these is calling my name?“

Unique geographical location, modern infrastructure, political and economic stability, a competent and highly educated workforce are the only reasons to invest in Croatia. Central European, Danubian, and Mediterranean, at the same time, with a unique geographical location, links Europe to the world. Modern transport and energy infrastructure, untarnished soil, unpolluted sea, and rich freshwater sources provide the foundations for Croatia to build its future on and further develop in the European and world markets.

Here are five strong reasons why investing in Croatia is a great idea!

Easier access to European and world market

Croatia is situated at the heart of Europe, only two or three hours of air distance to any European destination. With its unique geostrategic position and the farthest-reaching European sea inlet, Croatia is a gateway to Central and Eastern Europe, providing easy access to European and world markets.

Modern transport infrastructure

Croatia has a highly developed road and rail network, a network of international seaports of great importance, a network of river ports and airports, and inland waterways and intermodal terminals.

The network of modern motorways places Croatia together with leading European countries. Three Pan-European International corridors pass through Croatia, making it an essential part of all major European and international transport routes. The country is 100% digitized, with its entire territory covered by broadband Internet. It’s highly developed natural gas distribution network places it at the very top of European countries.

Land connection to all European transport routes:

Reliable investment and business environment

The Croatian legal framework governing foreign investment has been designed not to differentiate domestic and foreign investors. All possibilities in relations between domestic investors are also open to foreigners investing capital in Croatia. 

Moreover, foreign investors enjoy additional guarantees that are not given to domestic investors. The Croatian Constitution provides that no law or other legal documents shall reduce the rights granted to a foreign investor at the time of investment in Croatia. It also guarantees the free repatriation of profits or capital upon fulfillment of all legal obligations. 

Being a full member of NATO and the 28th member of the European Union (1 July 2013), Croatia guarantees stability and business activities’ safety. Croatian legislation, harmonized with the European Union’s basic postulates, ensures business activities of the highest standard, and opens the possibility of using EU funds. Simultaneously, agreements for the avoidance of double taxation signed with over 50 countries provide Croatia with additional benefits.

A highly educated, multilingual, and competent workforce

Croatia is a country with a multilingual and highly educated workforce. With 56 high-education institutions, out of which 7 are universities, Croatia offers a pool of various skilled and educated workforce. Croatia also has the highest percentage of persons in the age group 20 to 24 who have completed secondary school education. 

Did you know that the University of Zagreb, comprised of 34 faculties, is one of the oldest universities in this part of Europe, providing education to students continuously since its establishment in 1669? According to the Human Development Index, Croatia ranks 47 out of 187 countries. From 1990 to 2012, Croatia showed a 12% increase, which is an average annual increase of about 0.5%. 

EDUCATION in numbers:

High quality of life

Croatia is truly a unique country – nowhere in the world can three different climate zones – continental, mountainous and Mediterranean, be found in only 400 km (the distance between the North and South of the country). From hilly and gentle Zagorje in the North, through vast fertile plains of Slavonia in the East, Lika and Gorski Kotar rich in forests and rivers, to Dalmatinska Zagora, bounded by mountain ranges and typical Dalmatian karst, all the way to its indented coastline stretching from Istria to South Dalmatia with over a thousand islands, Croatia is truly a world’s treasure.

Good transport connection between the continental and coastal part of the country – morning skiing at Bjelolasica, and the experience of one of the most beautiful sunsets on the Adriatic coast only a few hours later – the abundance of cultural activities and historical heritage, the proximity of other European cultural and business centers, clean water and air, traditional and organic growing of agricultural products and healthy Mediterranean lifestyle provide all the conditions necessary for a pleasant, high-quality life anywhere in Croatia.

1.7 bn EUR foreign investment in Croatia in 2016

In 2016, foreign direct investment to Croatia amounted to 1.7 bn EUR showing an increase of 9 times compared to the year 2015. Last year, the investments were made in financial services, real estate, retail trade, construction of buildings, and wholesale trade. The leading investors were Italy, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, and Sweden.

Economic indicators for 2016

The cumulative amount of foreign investments from 1993 to 2016 amounts to 31 billion EUR with the Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Germany, and Luxembourg as the leading investors, who invested mostly in the financial sector, wholesale trade, real estate, telecommunications, and retail trade.

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Data source: Croatian Chamber of Economy.