Olive grove in Istria

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  • 66.000 TOTAL SURFACE M2
  • 495.000 € Selling Price
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An exclusive olive grove in Istria

This exclusive olive grove is located in an ideal position, on a hill near the Turnina fortress, just 3.5 km from the center of Rovinj.

The spacious olive grove with approximately 1,000 autochthonous olive trees which are 10 years old and a dozen 100 years old trees spread on 66.000 square meters.

Due to the exceptional quality of the olive tree fruits, the obtained olive oil is excellent quality, and it is included in the world’s alleged FLOS OLEI Guide.

There are also 6 shepherd’s cottages in the olive grove and to the new owner, they provide the possibility for development and investment. One of the options is to convert olive groves in the dazzling eco-village, which may include the construction of oil refineries, olive oil tasting room, and other facilities. There is also the possibility of planting additional olive trees, orchards or vineyard.

The seller offers an option of cooperation to the new owner in the lifelong maintenance of olive grove.


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