The unique combination of all the beauties of the Mediterranean and the richness of ancient cultures that once had power over Pula make this city simply enchanting. If you want to enjoy the Adriatic coast with access to all traffic routes with Europe, you will surely come to this city. The best of the Mediterranean is mixed with a rich history and exceptional cultural and historical heritage from ancient times. Today, Pula is a very developed city that is pleasant to live in and thoroughly adapted for the undisturbed enjoyment of its charms. Highly developed local policies have made the number of young families increase here. In addition to being attractive to the local population, Pula is also appealing to its visitors, who often decide to buy second home real estate or real estate for tourist rent. This largest town in the Istrian county lies in a naturally protected bay to which it owes a long tradition of fishing, shipbuilding, and tourism. Of course, the tradition of winemaking is inevitable, but also the fact that this city is the cultural center of Istria. Numerous sights in Pula are a witness to picturesque ancient times, and today they remind us of the rich cultural and historical heritage of Istria. The symbol of Pula is certainly its Roman amphitheater, known as the Pula Arena. Apart from being the most significant preserved ancient monument in Croatia, this amphitheater is the best-preserved example of a Roman amphitheater in the world! There is also the Triumphal Arch of the Sergi, underground tunnels, a small Roman theater, and the nearby Brijuni National Park! Explore our offer in one of the most desirable locations for buying a second home in Croatia, the perfect business investment in the form of rental real estate or building your dream home. Step into the world of luxury real estate in Croatia, and let us help you find the ideal luxury home in Istria.    

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