A quiet fishing village with a special Mediterranean charm delights with its ambiance, culture, and gastronomy. Novigrad is the perfect destination if you are looking for a place to buy your luxury property in Istria. Whether it is modern luxury villas or traditional estates dressed in luxurious attire, Novigrad offers a lot. The city walls of this unique city in Istria have preserved all its rich history, valuable monumental heritage, tradition, and culture, all that make up the magnificent historical heritage of Novigrad, whose first written mention dates back to the distant 599th year. Whether you want to relax, explore or spend an active holiday, this is the location that gives you the best of the best. In recent years, Novigrad has attracted more and more investors who are building idyllic estates and holiday homes here, many of which receive world architectural and tourist awards. If you want to buy your second home in Croatia here, be sure to look at our offer for purchasing a second home in Istria, the perfect business investment in the form of rental real estate or building your dream home. Step into the world of luxury real estate in Croatia, and let us help you find the ideal luxury home in Novigrad.

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