Croatia is a land of great potential located in Southeastern Europe. It is renowned for its natural beauty, lush national parks, rich traditions and cultural heritage, its delicious food and its warm and generous people.

Although the number of visitors is increasing every year, Croatia remains a hidden Mediterranean gem. It is diverse and simple at the same time. Driving through the country for just a few hours, you will pass fields and plains, green hills and mountains, and encounter the enchanting coastline and its beautiful view of 1,200 islands and islets. A mere glance at the pristine blue sea will make you want to sail and explore them closely, one by one, as many celebrities and moguls do with their mega yachts. The mild Mediterranean climate and way of life make Croatia a desirable country for relocating or for spending an unforgettable vacation. Because of these attributes, Croatia is also becoming interesting for investors who have begun to recognise Croatia’s great potential. A splendour and richness of experience can be found in every region of Croatia, each of which has its own character. Please keep reading to find more about them.


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Dalmatia is Croatia’s most charming southern region. It is renowned for its crystal blue sea, pebble beaches, pine-scented islands, inspiring historical sights and exquisite entertainment.

Visited by millions and loved by celebrities, this region has all of the mesmerising features that will tempt you to live here for a long time. Croatia is a perfect destination, whether you are a culture lover who will enjoy the UNESCO World Heritage sites and will devour the atmosphere of the narrow, stone-paved, streets and impressive monuments of the old town centres in Split, Dubrovnik, Šibenik and Zadar, or a nature lover seeking for a well-preserved, unspoiled spot under the sun surrounded by turquoise colours. But you might also be a restless soul in search for ever-changing excitement. Properties in the charming historical areas of Dalmatia’s towns are the most attractive to prospective buyers. Dalmatia’s heritage, traditions and customs have been preserved for centuries and delight many who fall in love with its authentic food, rich wines and inspiring sights. Still, only connoisseurs are lucky enough to find grand, modern villas with pools, discreetly tucked into the costal limestone shore.

Dubrovnik area

This area is renowned for its enchanting beaches and colourful bays and the clear blue sea. It abounds with charming fields and small, traditionally-built villages.

Besides natural beauties, this area is home to historical monuments from many different eras. The most famous destination in the area, and probably in all of Croatia, is magnificent Dubrovnik, whose beauty annually attracts more than one million visitors. It awe-inspiring appearance has served as the background for many movies and television programs. Known as the Pearl of Mediterranean, Dubrovnik is one of the world’s prime locations for tourism and prestige, where tourists, artists, diplomats, scientists, and politicians can mingle and look for a perfect property.


Istria is the largest peninsula in Croatia. Tourism here has existed from Roman times, marking Istrians as true hedonists.

The area is inhabited by a hard-working people who have invested a lot in the development of a region that is known for its natural beauties and its rich cultural and historical heritage. Istria is one of the most visited regions of Croatia, welcoming travellers mostly from Western and Central Europe who enjoy the savoury organic ingredients of its cuisine, skilfully made wines and distinctive olive oil. The very mild Mediterranean climate is enjoyable for visitors, but it is also favourable for gastronomic delights, which are tastiest on the terrace of a modern stone Istrian villa surrounded by serene vineyards and olive groves.

Croatian inland

The most visited city in this region is the Croatian capital, Zagreb, a city that breaks records every year, especially during Advent in December.

The continental part of Croatia is a rich area with beautiful holiday homes whose time is yet to come. This part of the country is covered with green and gold fields, gentle hills, rambling rivers, medieval fortresses, Renaissance castles, medicinal springs, traditional delicacies and scented wines. It is often described as an area with soul and is the ideal place for the growing trend of a countryside holiday. It is still only rarely discovered, but appreciated by everyone who visits.